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  • 13. 05/27/09, 04:50 am

    Says: "Alice, You are such a talented artist and no matter what your subject is I'm sure the final outcome will be beautiful, but in the past, I think most of your pieces were more about exploration. Through your self portrait concentration I'm sure you learned a lot about figures, composition, and technique. Thanks to that I'm glad to see that you have developed a style of your own. Keep pushing yourself.. I expect to see your paintings in a gallery some day. "

  • 12. 05/26/09, 04:35 am

    Says: "I am always so impressed by your portraits. Whenever I walk into the studio, the first thing that captures my eyes is your new portraits. Each of them has its expression and this tells me a lot about the person you painted (whether she/he is bright, moody...etc.). I always want to paint like you, captured people's facial image right away! You are an amazing artist! Keep painting at Princeton! I would love to see your works in the future."

  • 11. 05/26/09, 01:11 am

    Grier Torrence Says: "It's nice to see the new pieces on your site, the ambitious self portrait with oval mirror and the recent portrait of the girl in yellow. Your portraits have a kind of grit to them that I respond to because they seem on edge. They are empathetic but there is a sense of uncompromising integrity in how you see. That's admirable. The best portraits have that. Look at Goya's painting of King Ferdinand and the Royal Family. And Velazquez' paintings of the court children share your feeling for chiaroscuro, and for the psychology of the pose. Your double portrait is fascinating. And it's fun to see again some of the old ones, the portrait of Ronald Weasley. Some of your pictures of stars (Brad PItt) were interesting and your posters and theater designs capture some of the same mindset. Beware of formula. Let yourself investigate, inquire, and experiment. I like your digital work, your abstractions, and your whimsical things for that reason:the embracing angels and some of your early experiments in painting. But your portraits are really impressive. Let them be interesting to you."

  • 10. 05/26/09, 12:11 am

    Says: "Your portraits are just so alive with colors and shadows. I saw your recent work hanging on the wall today, and I think you have progressed a lot catching more colors on face and body. Your use of color definitely makes alive paintings. The shadows on each portrait also gives a life to portraits."

  • 9. 05/25/09, 04:21 am

    Says: "Alice- Your portraits are really impressive! My favorite is "Portrait of Sarah"--the colors amaze me; they blend well together and speak to my eyes!!!! Keep up your work! P.S- I love your new portrait of Carter! AWESOME"

  • 8. 11/12/08, 03:54 am

    Says: "Your portraits are always impressive due to the technique and accuracy. It is always obvious who your subject is but what I like about them is that usually by looking at you peices I feel like I can tell they're thinking in a way. Their expressions are always clear and well represented. In Chrissy's she looks relaxed and content while in Suzy's portrait she looks a bit nervous. I also enjoy your self portraits because I personally find it very hard to focus on myself as a subject objectively and you seem to be able to do that. I like how no matter how many times you draw yourself you always seem to make the piece unique and interesting. "

  • 7. 11/12/08, 03:42 am

    Says: "I feel like all of your pieces are amazing. You are obviously skilled and do a great job at capturing images and making your image all about the people or objects in it. But I don't think you've found something that speaks to you. If it speaks to you, then eventually it'll speak to others. "

  • 6. 11/12/08, 02:31 am

    Says: "Alice, you have incredible sense of line and form, as well as a strong sense of color. in the Portrait of Mme Savona, you capture the bone structure and the folds of the clothing quite nicely, focusing on the detail without taking away the mood of the entire drawing. I love the uniqueness of the subjects of your pictures, taking from both your own imagination and the people who are right in front of you. "

  • 5. 11/12/08, 01:53 am

    Says: "Alice, i love the drawing you did with colored pencils. it's really fascinating, color-wise, and you have great sense of proportion. your work with portraits is great. you have a really distinct style that shows most in this concentration."

  • 4. 11/12/08, 01:46 am

    Says: "Your portrait painting is amazing, the colors you pull out of the skin are beautiful. You're really good at making your images seem realistic. I love your work."

  • 3. 11/12/08, 01:24 am

    Says: "Alice, You have such a broad portfolio! It's great to see all the pieces that I see you working on in class, but I really enjoy seeing some of you digital work and independent sketches! I personally like these pieces the best - such as the yawning lion and your imaginary figures. They seem to have the most motivation and therefore the most completion. I just love your brushwork and how many colors you use. Seeing your series of portraits always makes me want to paint from life. I can only imagine how mind blowing your pieces would be if they were completely finished to your high standards! "

  • 2. 11/10/08, 02:09 pm

    Says: "The Things I see, I Sketch The two butterfly's fly with color and the eye is sketched in pencil. The simplicity of this picture brings out a mysterious look in the eye that you have drawn. It is such a beautiful picture and shows your uniqueness of imagination. The shadowing of is very well done."

  • 1. 11/06/08, 01:28 am

    Says: "This portfolio is one of two. The skill in drawing and painting is remarkable, indeed exceptional. What you need to work on (and you know this already) is sustaining an idea. Finding ways to renter your pieces is what you hope to do. Your imagination is restless. You start many new works. Sometimes you draw on the computer, sometimes with oil paint, sometimes pencil. The current portrait of Sarah Q. (an oil on canvas) shows that you can follow through. You built the ground color in one session and then in three successive sittings over the course of a few weeks you worked back into the portrait. I commend you for working from life on the portrait, on arranging the sittings, and on the intelligent pictorial decisions. Now the portrait is painted with astonishing authority. But does it say what you wanted to say or does it feel right? Does the portrait reveal to you your intention and can you follow the lead the painting intuits? This is where you left off today. The portrait begins to have a life of its own. Now, I have critiqued a picture not on this site. Images 3 and 4 here have qualities of what is so successful in the portrait of Sarah. Maybe you could post that wonderful portrait."

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