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  • 13. 05/27/09, 04:50 am

    Says: "Alice, You are such a talented artist and no matter what your subject is I'm sure the final outcome will be beautiful, but in the past, I think most of your pieces were more about exploration. Through your self portrait concentration I'm sure you learned a lot about figures, composition, and technique. Thanks to that I'm glad to see that you have developed a style of your own. Keep pushing yourself.. I expect to see your paintings in a gallery some day. "

  • 12. 05/26/09, 04:35 am

    Says: "I am always so impressed by your portraits. Whenever I walk into the studio, the first thing that captures my eyes is your new portraits. Each of them has its expression and this tells me a lot about the person you painted (whether she/he is bright, moody...etc.). I always want to paint like you, captured people's facial image right away! You are an amazing artist! Keep painting at Princeton! I would love to see your works in the future."

  • 11. 05/26/09, 01:11 am

    Grier Torrence Says: "It's nice to see the new pieces on your site, the ambitious self portrait with oval mirror and the recent portrait of the girl in yellow. Your portraits have a kind of grit to them that I respond to because they seem on edge. They are empathetic but there is a sense of uncompromising integrity in how you see. That's admirable. The best portraits have that. Look at Goya's painting of King Ferdinand and the Royal Family. And Velazquez' paintings of the court children share your feeling for chiaroscuro, and for the psychology of the pose. Your double portrait is fascinating. And it's fun to see again some of the old ones, the portrait of Ronald Weasley. Some of your pictures of stars (Brad PItt) were interesting and your posters and theater designs capture some of the same mindset. Beware of formula. Let yourself investigate, inquire, and experiment. I like your digital work, your abstractions, and your whimsical things for that reason:the embracing angels and some of your early experiments in painting. But your portraits are really impressive. Let them be interesting to you."

  • 10. 05/26/09, 12:11 am

    Says: "Your portraits are just so alive with colors and shadows. I saw your recent work hanging on the wall today, and I think you have progressed a lot catching more colors on face and body. Your use of color definitely makes alive paintings. The shadows on each portrait also gives a life to portraits."

  • 9. 05/25/09, 04:21 am

    Says: "Alice- Your portraits are really impressive! My favorite is "Portrait of Sarah"--the colors amaze me; they blend well together and speak to my eyes!!!! Keep up your work! P.S- I love your new portrait of Carter! AWESOME"