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Philanthery, noun 

ORIGIN from Greek philos ‘loving.’

ORIGIN from Greek anthos ‘flower.’

ORIGIN unknown ery ‘collection’


Through the lens, I've slowly developed an appreciation for the unique, complex beauty of flowers.  After acquiring a macro lens, I've begun to explore them in detail.  I quickly learned how to look for the unearthly aspects of each flower and, more broadly, each subject I encountered.  With the macro, 18-55mm and 55mm lenses, I hope my photographs open the eyes of the viewer to a new, strange and unusual beauty.


Aside from my explorations with flowers, through the years I have also captured many faces, places, and extraordinary objects from daily life. 


Please visit my "PORTFOLIO" and the other sections to view my photographs.  Enjoy!


Gillian Stoddard


*You will not find this word in any dictionary- I made it up especially for a final photo project during my junior year at Hong Kong International School.

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